Chicken, Avocados, and Mackerel Makes you Feel Like your Tummy is full

How can we get a signal that we should stop eating now? Yes, it’s actually necessary to avoid acidity and other stomach related problems. According to the recent research conducted at the Warwick University, foods containing a high amount of amino acids such as chicken, mackerel, avocado, plums, and lentils activate your brain and gives you early signals that now you really can’t eat anything more.

This could be a good diet for those who want to put off their weight as it allows you to eat little with enough amount of energy intake. There are a certain group of cells in the central part of our brain called as tanycytes that boost up the production of amino acids.

Obesity is the body state that bulges out due to excess of body fat. Obesity not only increases body weight but also gives an open invitation to a number of other disorders such as type 2 diabetes, specific types of cancer, heart-related diseases, sleep apnea and disorders related to mental ability.

Eating oily stuff alone not responsible for obesity. Irregular exercise and genetic susceptibility are equally responsible for fluffiness. “Increased level of amino acids in brain and blood gives a good sensation that yes no need to eat more. Your stomach is full”, said Dr. Nicholas Dale, Professor at the University. Group of scientists carried out an experiment on the human brain where they found the link between increased level of amino acids and decreased body weight.

Tanycytes triggered the brain cells just a couple of seconds later, transferring clear indications to the brain that makes you feel full and damages your hunger. This study will help in finding ways to treat fatness and plumpness. Obesity is the hovering concern today in all countries including the UK. One out of four British people today is the target of obesity.