Depression and insomnia are one of the grave issue faced globally. Various research studies are conducted to find out the potential treatment for depression and insomnia. One of the latest studies has proved that staying awake is one way to keep depression at bay. But there is a controversy since insomnia is the major reason behind depression.

The study conducted by the researchers from the United States said that lack of sleep may not be a reason behind depression. But negative thoughts running inside an individual’s mind which keeps them awake is leading to depression. Such type of depression is known as insomnia-related depression. It is often seen that people with depression also suffer from sleep-related disorders and have poor sleep.

This study also sheds light on the importance of good sleep which is necessary to ward off depression. The study which is published in The Journal of Neuroscience reviewed a region which is present deep inside the brain called ventral striatum. This study evaluated 1,129 students. By analyzing the ventral striatum, the individual’s response and behavioral changes were studied.

The study revealed that poor sleep is not bad unless the thoughts running in your mind are positive. As this can make you less susceptible to negative effects of depression. This study stresses the importance of healthy lifestyle caused by good sleep and brain activity. A healthy lifestyle can also avoid the risk of deadly disorders like diabetes, stroke, cancer, and others.

A healthy diet consisting of fruits, vegetables which are necessary for physical well-being. This study found that large adequate amount of fruits and vegetables are can provide health benefits within just 2 weeks. A good diet also helps in boosting the cognitive ability and vitality. According to the health experts, 2 cups of vegetables and 3 cups of fruits should be consumed daily to prevent depression and its related disorders.

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