CCleaner is the most popular application seen in many smartphones and desktops. This application is known for its ability to clean the unwanted files which the users have downloaded from the internet and clear the invalid entries for Windows platform. However, this popular Avast-owned app has become a victim of malware which has infected more than 2.3 million devices.

CCleaner has been hijacked by the hackers who have injected the malicious code into the program. The CCleaner users who use this app on their desktops should update their app quickly otherwise their device will get infected by the malware attack. If the users do not update their app then their device is vulnerable to the security risks which may expose their crucial data.

CCleaner is one of the trusted apps for cleaning the unwanted files and the data to prevent the malicious attack. This application has accounted for 2 billion downloads out of which 5 million are desktop downloads. This app instantly cleans all the unwanted files which can eat up your device memory and reduce its speed.

However, the hackers have compromised this application by introducing the malicious code into the program. This malware was first noticed by Cisco Talos stating that the app was activating its advanced malware protection as the malicious code was introduced into the program.

The version of CCleaner namely version number 5.33 and Cloud version 1.07 was hacked by this malware which has infected more than 2.3 million devices. The more worrying thing here is that the malware was not introduced through the third-party application. This malware was introduced when the users have downloaded the CCleaner app from the company’s official website.

The concerned authorities are still investigating the issue to find out how the malicious code was introduced into the program. One of the fixes which can resolve this issue is that the users should update their CCleaner app at the earliest to prevent their device from getting infected. Users are really worried as it is difficult for them to trust on software which is popular ones.

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