The search giant, Google pays $1.1 billion to take over HTC smartphones. The company made this deal with a challenge to beat its rival tech company Apple. We have no words left today for analyzing the competition between the two techs.

Google will be hiring around 2,000 employees from HTC and other technical support staff. Google and HTC underwent an agreement stating Google will be utilizing intellectual rights of HTC. The company said this deal is an endeavor to bring the Android at the topmost position in the market.

Rick Osterloh, Senior Vice President of Google says, “This is just the beginning of Google hardware commerce.” “Our main goal is to build the core software and create good ranges of our products”, he further stated.

The list of other range of products is huge. We are trying to bring our own Pixel smartphones, Google Home and Google Daydream View for our adored users. Pixel smartphones are definitely going to compete with Apple’s iPhones, Google Daydream View will be for supporting the virtual life of the user while Google Home for reducing customers effort while searching their point of interest from a huge database.

Google previously made a good deal with Motorola investing $12.5 billion in the company’s R&D department. Larry Page, Motorola’s chief executive promised Google to make a good money in the Android market. Everything worked good, in fact, the number raised from 43 pc to 87 pc – the Google smartphone numbers that integrated Motorola’s software.

Later, Google thought to move beyond this deal so as to maintain good relations with the other tech companies. Hence, today it decided to invest and make a partnership deal with Taiwanese company HTC. HTC has a bulk of Pixel devices manufacturers. Hence, HTC employees going with Google have already started the production of Pixel devices.

Partnering will HTC will not harm our company’s revenue and smartphone commerce, says Google. On the other hand, HTC will just not sum up with Google but it also continues making its profit with other tech giants like VIVE. VIVE is especially known for throwing light on artificial intelligence and virtual reality environment.

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