Apple iOS 11 is the major upgrade to the OS. The iOS 11 will roll out to all the compatible Apple devices including iPhones and iPads. This new operating system is expected to bring many excellent features to the compatible devices. While upgrading your devices to the latest Apple iOS versions following is a list of features which users should try first.

The first interesting feature seen in iOS 11 is customizable screenshots. Whenever a user captures any screenshot then that image will be captured in the form of picture-in-picture mode. This image will be saved eventually in the Photos app. Now when a user taps on an image he will have an option to edit it, delete it or share it via iMessage. There will be various editing tools to edit the captured screenshot.

The second interesting feature is called Screen Capture. As the name suggests, this feature can capture/record the video or any clip which is currently being streamed on your screen. A control center customization is another feature which is introduced in iOS 11. This will fit all the icons and contents on a single page. Some features are hidden and can be accessed via network icons like AirDrop and HotSpot.

The next major improvement is seen in the iOS App Store which now offers a user-friendly interface and there is dedicate tab designed by Apple for the Games. The algorithm of the App store is also revamped to provide suggestions to the users based on their likes or dislikes. However, some Apple users are not able to understand why there is a change in the App Store icon.

An exciting feature called Augmented Reality (AR) has been introduced in iOS 11. Apple had recently collaborated with Ikea furniture. Now here the concept of AR comes into the picture. Using AR, the users can view the furniture by using the Ikea Place app. There are several other applications of this AR feature.

Hence it is recommended that all the users with compatible devices should download the latest iOS 11 to enter into the world of exciting new features.

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