In recent years many animal species including some parasite are becoming extinct. The drastic climate change and loss of habitat are leading to their extinction. Many plant and animal some species are mentioned under endangered list. The scientists also claim that almost 30% of the animal species are declining in numbers and may go extinct in coming years. This research study says that size of an animal is linked with the risk of extinction.

Although there are various reasons behind the extinction of animals, the smallest and the biggest animal species are more prone to the extinction risk. This research study has been published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

To prove the link between the size of the animal and the extinction risk, the researchers analyzed more than 27,00 vertebrate animal species. The size related data of these animal species was examined. It was seen that the animals who were smallest in size and the animals who were largest in size were more prone to the extinction risk.

Hence all the largest and tiny vertebrate animal species are prone to the extinction risk. The study was conducted by the researcher from Oregon State University. Hence it is necessary to focus more on the conservation of smallest animal species since they don’t get much attention.

During the study, different animal species including reptiles, bony fishes, cartilaginous fishes, birds, and mammals were analyzed. The study also considered the species in which no significant conservation actions were taken.

Even today many big sized animal species like rhinos, whales, elephants, and lions are being protected to avoid their extinction. But other animals like sharks, Somali ostrich, komodo dragon are getting less attention when it comes to protecting them. Some conservation strategies should be adopted to prevent the extinction of smallest and the largest animal species.
Already the big sized animal species are facing risk due to hunting and the birds are facing risk due to pollution and other climate changes. Hence this research study has successfully determined how the size of an animal is linked to the extinction risk.

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