There is huge development taking place in the field of robotics. These robots can efficiently perform all the tasks with high accuracy and efficiency to reduce the human efforts. China is not behind in the race of robotics. By making use of latest technologies, Chinese researchers have developed a robot which can perform dental surgeries.

The robot developed by China was the first one to perform a dental surgery on an individual which have successfully implanted two new teeth’s in a woman. This will soon change the traditional ways in which the dental surgeries are performed. Also in future, such robots may replace the painful dental procedures.

One of the Chinese women willingly performed the dental surgery from the autonomous robots. As this was the first robot-based dental study, the medical staff was present during the surgery but the entire surgery was performed by this robot. During the surgery, the woman was placed in appropriate position with proper orientation of equipment. Then the robot was programmed to move into the accurate position.

The angle and depth which is required to implant the two 3D-printed teeth into the woman’s mouth were also programmed. This was a smart robot which was able to adjust efficiently to the individual’s position and the body movements. The surgery was carried out for an hour without any human intervention. This robot accurately performed the dental surgery with high accuracy.

This smart robot was developed by the researchers from Beihang University, Beijing and Fourth Military Medical University, Xian. Such advancements taking place in the field of robotics will soon enhance the way in which the surgeries are performed. At present, there are many people facing some of the other dental issues. Also, many people are hesitant to visit doctors due to the painful surgeries or the errors which take place while the surgery is performed.

Hence to overcome the dental problems, the researchers have developed this technique which can lead to high accuracy. With the help of 3D-printing technologies, the researchers can solve the issue of shortage of doctors and perform the quality surgeries.

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