WhatsApp has dominated the whole world today. It’s the most appreciated messaging app that is used by almost 1.3 billion people. What has made it so prevalent today? Obviously, it’s all because WhatsApp keeps on updating its app and gives a novel experience to its users every time.

The company has again conceded its topical features to its users. To get the access to the latest version of WhatsApp you need to update your iOS and Android smartphones to the beta version.

Here are some important WhatsApp updates

Text Status:

Initially, users were able to update their status textually that really felt bored at one point of time. But, today WhatsApp has served something amazing to its users. Users can now update their status and express their opinions and views by posting images, videos, and gifs. Moreover, it has provided colorful backgrounds for the chats and WhatsApp text keyboard to makes your smartphone and chatting smarter.

Sharing of larger files:

Sharing videos, images, gifs and any document is the part and parcel of the app. Initially, WhatsApp permitted the user to share files up to 16 MB of size but now it has extended the file sharing limit to 100 MB. Users can share huge files which include apk files and documents on the messenger app.

Efficient usage of space:

Managing the storage space with an updated WhatsApp version now becomes easy. Users will get a direct notification of how much phone memory space users have occupied for a particular chat. This will allow users to identify which chat or what group is consuming more amount of memory space. To activate this service, you just need to visit settings option, click on data and storage usage and later on storage usage and there you can see the chat consuming more amount of memory.

An integrated Book-My-Show App:

BookMyShow is the popular app for booking your movie, sports, events and cinema tickets online in advance. The messenger app has integrated itself with the popular online booking app. Users can confirm their bookings via QR code that is displayed on the WhatsApp account whenever you book a ticket. It allows you to connect with your relevant business faster.

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